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Photographer Marc Rendenbach Trier Luxemburg

Photographer in Trier & Luxemburg

Marc Rendenbach

Landscape and Architecture Photographer with Passion

The Photographer

The most valuable reward for a photographer is the "wow" of the viewer, when a photo captures and leads the eyes and the viewer fascinated leads back his gaze to the picture again and again. With my photos I want to make the beauty of situations, landscapes and buildings visible and create a perception that remains hidden from the fleeting gaze without a camera.

Cityscape Photography Trier

The oldest city of Germany
Modern and antique architecture

The diverse situations in cities give creative freedom for different shooting techniques, such as long exposure, panorama, fusion of moments or HDR. Do you want to freeze motion or show motion blur, condense time or draw attention to details. City photography offers endless possibilities.

My special interest lies in the combination of natural and artificial light and the temporal compression of the transitions.

A good photograph takes time, but most importantly, it takes the right timing. The environment around the photographer's center of life offers the best options.

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Iconic places, modern architecture and impressive landscapes

In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg you will find an enormous cultural diversity. Here, modern metropolitan feeling meets history. In the old town, time seems to have stood still, while only a few moments away you can find ultra-modern architecture.

Fantastic landscapes invite you to hike, climb and especially to take pictures.


Photography is for me a tool to see the world with different eyes

Planning a shot creates an awareness of a place, the view through the camera concentrates the perception. Waiting for the perfect lighting mood, I linger for hours. This deceleration brings peace and harmony, it opens the eye for the beauty of nature. With my photos I want to transport these impressions and make them visible.


The portfolio shows a cross selection of my work

Not every photograph can be put into one category. As a photographer I do not only stand for my core topics landscape photography and architectural photography. Wherever I find scenes that express beauty, emotions or special moods, I try to capture them, to preserve them and to make them visible in my pictures.

I am happy when a photo creates emotion, a viewer immerses in the image, he sees a snapshot of our surrounding world, which would otherwise remain hidden from his eyes and he can thus leave reality for a small moment to be guided by the mood of the captured moment.

Cityscapes and Architecture

Fascination and special requirements

Modern cities have a special fascination. The size of the subjects, the narrowness, the often great liveliness and many lights result in special requirements.

City photography is a playground for a wide variety of shooting techniques. The clear lines and high dynamics require particularly precise work. In contrast to landscape photography, architectural photography does not forgive mistakes.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Imagine a thousand pictures

Bauwerke und historische Orte

Bauwerke und historische Orte



Fusion of Moments

Sky Lounge Wheel

Sky Lounge Wheel