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Color Correction

Color Corrections

Burg Satzvey - Wrapped in red light on Halloween

The castle Satzvey is a beautiful sunset location, perfectly exposed and the entry path draws a beautiful line, that drags the viewer into the castle. Just make sure there is no Halloween party at the castle.

So that evening in October I found the castle bright red illuminated with lots of people and a circling boat on the small lake in front of the castle. Not exactly the ideal conditions for a sunset shot of this great place.

The conditions set clear limits for the photographer. The mass of people can't be "exposed out" even by long-term exposure and the red light gives the building an unconditional blur. So I could not shoot the originally planned photo and had to switch to an alternative composition.

The raw image required quite some post-processing. For example, when removing the red tones, the actual red shutters had to be preserved.

Furthermore, the dominant red brings a blur into the picture, which cannot be eliminated even with all re-sharpening tricks. Expressed in a simple way, the longer the wavelength of the light, the blurrier the image. If an image is completely dominated by long-wave red light, or as here the castle as the main motif, no satisfying image quality can be achieved. So i decided to go another way and to give the photo a slightly dreamy blur by adding an Orton-like effect. The picture is developed from a single image, no exposure bracketing was applied.

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